Behind the scene

I took my first sewing classes when I was in 5th grade. I had decided to make a pair of pajamas which resulted in a half decent set of oversized pants and a baggy shirt. Since then I have always been a tinkerer. With my mother's combination of patience and energy we are always up to something creative. I began to design patterns that when placed in the skillful hands of my mom or grandma, they were brought to life. When COVID happened it was natural to put these creative muscles to work. One day I woke up and looked over at my vintage singer feather light machine and had an idea. Where this "decorative" vintage piece normally spends her days quietly on the mantle watching the day go by, I decided this old gal should be put to use. The machine has been passed down through generations from my great grandma and now belongs to me. I found YouTube tutorials and with some virtual coaching of my mom and grandma I learned how to use this family heirloom. She runs beautifully, with a patient and gentle touch the machines hum forces time to slow down. The process has been anything but easy but the beauty of quarantine is the gift of free time. I started sewing straight lines on scrap fabric and learned how to thread the singer and fill the bobbin. In no time I was sewing the pattern I created that bridges my passion for fashion and function. I am still a learning the ropes, but in a way I sort of love that I am creating something that is useful. My pieces, although not always "perfect" have an inherent gift none the less of teaching me a new craft. After a multitude of prototypes, tinkering to get the nose, face, patterns, fabric and headband just right we are proud to bring you the perfect fit. The masks coming to you are ones I have made with love, and have been perfected as best I can. I am very proud that this time allowed me to pick up a skill which the women in my family have nourished for generations. Upon shipping our first batch I smiled and realized this mission combining fashion and function is truly a gift as it continues to expand my passion for sewing.

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