The thread that sews us together

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I come from a long line of creatives. 3 Little Birds is a love letter to those creative genes that have been passed down to me. My grandma is a beautiful seamstress, who has made so many handmade goods, like quilts, aprons and clothes for me and so many others. I designed aprons for her company, That's My Sister many years ago that she sold and were featured in Simplicity (photo below). My mother is an interior designer and has her own design business. My mom is also a great artist and seamstress, she has taught me what I know (I'm still learning). My whole life she sewed me dresses and has always altered much of what I wear. Clothes have always been tricky for me, so I was incredibly fortunate to have a tailor on hand to adjust garments to fit.

During quarantine I had an idea for a mask that could also be worn as a headband. With my mom and grandma already hard at work sewing masks for their friends, family and community, I thought this might be a fun project for us together, but separate. We are spread out over the west coast and have not been able to see each other. This has kept us very connected as we talk daily to check in on the pattern making process, fabric choices, new designs and other details that have gone into the building of 3 Little Birds.

There is more physical distance between us than normal but strangely this has sewn us together even more. We are able to collaborate and be a part of something that is bigger than us and use our creative genes for a good cause.

These 3 little birdies have been busy sewing away and will be donating a portion of our proceeds to help covid relief. I will include a personal letter when you purchase 2 or more masks.

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